Thursday, May 3, 2012

Got the Fever?

You may not but I sure do.

I have the fever.

Baby fever that is.

I know, I know. all Ya'll are thinking, What is this dumb bitch thinking? She already has 3 kids!!!

That may be true, but they are all girls. I would love to have a little boy. I miss having a lil bitty baby to love and care for.

I loved being pregnant. (Even in the Summer time). Loved the way I looked and felt. And child birth really is not all that bad.

So I am now in full baby mode. Taking my temp EVERYDAY, checking my cervix EVERYDAY, and taking those ovulation tests EVERYDAY. On top of that I have introduced myself to all kinds of baby making vitamins.

This whole getting pregnant on purpose thing is new to me.

My 3 girls were all surprises.

I thought I had the flu with Mackenzie, I went to get put on birth control and found out with Breanna, and Tori , well I just didn't feel right with.

I have been attacking the poor Hub's for late nigh nookie every night for the past week. The way I figure it, I should be prego by next month at the rate I am going.

I have to get this done ASAP!!!

My shit is falling out of me, and the Doctors will not do the surgery to put my junk back into place until I am done having Mini Me's.

So, All Ya'll just wish me luck. :) I will keep ya posted !!!

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