Friday, March 30, 2012


Well Tori  had her surgery Tuesday. She is doing great and her stitches come out next Tuesday. Got me a lawyer, so hopefully he can work some magic ( fingers crossed). Got court with the ex (I wish he would die) husband next week over Mac, and Bree. Heard something awful today. This 12 year old child hung himself because he was being bullied. It just breaks my heart. The school wouldn't do anything about it. The day he killed himself the bully held a knife to this child's neck. This is something that could have been avoided. And I know it is an issue for all parents. What happened to teaching your children to stand up for themselves? I admit I am guilty of babying my kiddo's too. But maybe that needs to change. When I was little it was the general thing that if you were being bullied that you stood up to that bully. We advocate against that now with our children. Preaching turn the other cheek, tell a teacher. It don't seem to be working that way with so many children taking their lives. These bullys need to get stood up to one way or another. And the Bully Parents are not doing their jobs.I think there should be a law that   if a child ends up taking their life because of a bully, that bully should be held accountable. In a way they committed murder, and should be charged as such!!! I can guarantee that if a law like that was in place bullying would no longer exist!!!!!!!!