Friday, May 18, 2012


There is NO way that kids nowadays could have survived in the 80's or early 90's!!!

I came to this realization when my oldest was at my Nanna'a and asked me how to use a corded telephone.
So I went into a BIG monologue about how things were better when I was a child, and telling her about all the cool toys, cartoons, and music we listened to back then.

There were no awesomely cool cell phones that do everything for you except eat, shit, and breathe. We had corded phones, and in the 80's they were rotary, so you put your finger in the hole of your number, spun it around to the beginning, and listened to the ratt ratt ratt while it input your number, and you had to do this for EVERY number of the phone number! There was no privacy on the phone. You couldn't go outside and hide to talk to someone in private.  You had to sit where ever the phone was located and talk in front of EVERYONE! And if you were lucky, the cord was super stretched so that you could at least go into another room to talk.

 We only got cartoons on Saturdays, and then only for a few hours. Cartoons were way better then!!! We had He-Man, the Thunder Cats, The Snorks, and of course the classics like Scooby Doo, The Smurfs, and Tom and Jerry. And they all had some sort of message in them to make you a better person. Not like today's crap, like Sponge Bob, where is the message in that non-sense?

We had way cooler video games! We had Atari, and the original Nintendo.

We did not sit indoors all day long playing video games and watching cartoons. We went outside and played. Mainly because our parent's threatened our lives if we didn't go out side and play.

We got to ride in the back of pick-ups. And rarely wore a seat belt.   

There were no Ipods. We had boom boxes and Walk Mans. If we liked a song, we would wait for that shit to come on the radio and record that shit!

Music now really sucks ass! The kids thought I was crazy. I made them listen to New Kids On the Block, Mc Hammer, Vanilla Ice, JJ Fad, Salt and Peppa. You know the good shit. Let's not forget our favorite hair bands. Motley Crew, G&R, Poison ( which I would still do Brett Michaels in a heart beat). Songs then have feeling, and a purpose!

And then there is my favorite topic..... Discipline

I swear if I talked to my Mom the way my kids do me, I would have no teeth in my head.

I remember being little and doing something wrong, and my Granny telling me to go pick a switch, and then I got my ass beat!!! It didn't hurt me. In fact I respected them for it. I knew what was right and wrong. And I knew if I did wrong that there would be severe hell to pay.
Now you can't spank your Children without fear of CPS screaming child abuse. Kids now get away with murder! And they have no respect. Time out does not work on every kid ( it sure as hell doesn't work on mine), some kids need a good "ol" fashioned ass whippin!

So to that I say Kiss my Ass I will do whatever I want with my children. Last I checked I carried them in me for 9 months, And pushed them out. They are mine not yours, and as my Momma used to tell me " I brought your ass into this world, I can sure as hell take it out".............

Oh to be young again. Wish I had a time machine, I would soo go back to my childhood when things were a lot simpler!!!

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