Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It could happen to anyone

I have easily spent the better part of the last 39 days praying for the safe return of a local 17 year old High School Senior.

I can easily put myself in her family's position, feel their worry, pain , and fear.

This is Alexis Murphy. and she is missing.......

Think about it......

This outgoing, athletic, popular teen should be enjoying he final year in High school. Preparing herself for college, getting excited about graduation, final dances, and volleyball games, enjoying her friends and family. But she isn't. No one knows where this child is.

Alexis was last seen Aug. 3 at the Liberty gas station off U.S. 29 in Lovingston. She told her family she was headed to Lynchburg to get hair extensions for her senior portrait.

Seems so easy. Her car was found in a populated location in Charlottesville Virginia. How did this happen? Where is she? 

Though there have been leads and someone is in custody charged with her abduction, where is Alexis Murphy? Her cell phone has been found. 

Yet still no trace of Alexis.....

Someone somewhere knows something.

I keep looking at my 3 little girls and think this could be them in a few years. The world is no longer a safe place for my babies. For anyone's babies.

How is any parent supposed to let their child gain independence when things like this happen?

Why isn't anyone talking?

Although everyone is holding out hope that she will be found alive and well soon, you can't help but have that little thought in the back of your mind. What if she isn't......

Her car was found in the same town that Morgan Harrington went missing from while in the area for a Metallica concert.

Once again a beautiful young girl that had her whole life ahead of her. Only her story isn't stuck in the middle of not knowing. Morgan was found, just not as everyone hoped and prayed she would be.

Please God, don't let Alexis be a repeat of Morgan.

And that's not it.

Dashad Sage Smith  also went missing from Charlottesville 9 months ago.  

The man in custody was also a suspect in the disappearance  of Samantha Clarke in 2010. 

Things can change in the blink of an eye.

I pray and I hope you all will as well that these families find solace and peace and answers soon. I pray that these children are alive and well and will be reunited with their families soon.

I also pray that although we may be able to imagine the pain they are going through that no one ever has to go through it again. You should never have to wonder if and when you will ever see your child again.

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