Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm doing it right!!

I cringe every time I go into a store. In fact I try to avoid shopping like the plague because of it. (Other than the fact that I hate people in general).... My nemesis you ask? Screaming, temper tantrum throwing children. They are always there. Always throwing a hellacious fit for some stupid over priced toy, or a piece of candy that will eventually rot their teeth out. And the poor parents..... just standing there, being all ice and calm, trying their hardest not to lose it.

My children know better. They have thrown all of 1 fit EVER in a store, and what did I do? I left my full buggy in the middle of the store and left. I did not try to reason with them. And now if they start to get out of line, I just ask if they need to go to the bathroom. THEY KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!!!

I do believe that I am doing something right. The older 2 never want to go look at the toys, they want clothes!!! And the 2 year old, I am most proud of. My wonderful 2 year old has a shoe fetish. Aww , finally a child after my own heart.

Every time we go to the mall and I get her out of the car, she starts the "shooeeee" chant. And I love it. And she will repeat said chant until she gets a new pair of shoes. She just got 2 more pairs to add to her collection just the other day. So that now brings her total to 16 pairs. And she wears them all. I know when she gets older this is going to be a terribly expensive obsession, and I will have to get someone to build her a giant shoe closet. But that is something that I can live with.

So my dear people's.... I am doing something right! My kiddo's know that toys are useless for the most part and they will lose interest within 5 minutes of being home. But shoes and clothes are the gift that keep on giving :)

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