Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A pain like no other

There is not a person that I know that hasn't experienced a loss of a loved one. A Dear friend of mine just joined that exclusive club that I hope to NEVER even receive an invitation from. One that doesn't even have a name. When you lose your parents you are an orphan, but to lose a child is so terrible it doesn't even have a name to associate it's self with.

Her sweet 6 year old son Will passed tragically while he was in the safety of his own bed, in his own house with his loving family not far from him.

I couldn't even begin to imagine the pain and torment of what she is going through. And I don't even want to try to put myself in her shoes.

I can somewhat feel her pain when I look at my own children. One of which is the same age as her son was. And to try to picture my life without any of my girls is to much to bare.

I have cried for this little boy and his family. I have anger at a God that would take someone that has only been here on this Earth for such a short time. I have questions that I am sure are going through everyone's mind.

Did he wake up during this? Did he go peacefully in his sleep?

I just don't understand how this could happen.

These past few days, I have held my children a little closer at night. I have told them I love you so many times that they are sick of hearing it and instead of saying "I love you to, Mommy" they now reply with an "I know".

Once again life has smacked me down and told me that you can lose someone no matter their age or health in the blink on an eye.

So my wonderful friends, I want you all to know that I love you. Because you never know when your last I love you and sweet tuck in of your little ones will be your last.

Rest in peace Sweet Boy. You may be gone but I can guarantee that you will NEVER be forgotten.

Whatever our hands touch---
We leave fingerprints!
On walls, on furniture,
On doorknobs, dishes, books,
As we touch we leave our identity.

Oh please where ever I go today,
Help me leave heartprints!
Heartprints of compassion
Of understanding and love.
Heartprints of kindness and genuine concern.

May my heart touch a lonely neighbor
Or a runaway daughter,
Or an anxious mother,
Or, perhaps, a dear friend!

I shall go out today
To leave heartprints,
And if someone should say
"I felt your touch,"
May that one sense be...YOUR LOVE
Touching through ME.
(Author Unknown)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's hard to exact the perfect punishment on your children after they have been total Asshat's! Which is why I love that my older two littles are at the loose tooth age. I love the cat and mouse game. "No Mommy don't pull it", to which you reply " I'm not going to pull it, I just want to wiggle it", then when they least expect it, you yank that bitch out! I love this! I love the horrified look on their little faces and how they dash to the nearest mirror to see what you have done to them. They yell at you for lying to them, and then get all excited about the tooth fairy coming to see them.

As it is, I have a box full of baby teeth that I have yanked out. I am thinking about having a necklace made out of them. Hubby says that is morbid. But to that I say.... Oh well. I think it would put the fear into their little beating hearts to see Mommy wearing a necklace made of teeth.

I have decided that Karma is a true Bitch! I pulled a total of 3 teeth out Saturday. Which is a record for me. I may have enjoyed the teeth pulling excitement too much. Late Sunday night I slammed my two little toes on the wall and broke them.

So for now on. Hubby can do all the teeth pulling!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


     It's that time of year again. The time kids love and we parents loathe. In a blink of the eye it will be Christmas morning.

     All of our hard earned money (or in my case, the Hubby's hard earned money) will fly out of our wallets at record speed.
     We are gearing up for the take off of the Holiday season. Starting with Halloween just next month. And the kids are testing my costume making/ shopping abilities. Where do they get these crazy ideas from? Oh yeah that's right. Stupid teny bopper T.V shows. Then on to Thanksgiving. Where we are forced to spend time with people that really know how to push out buttons, and work on my cooking skills, or lack there of. All the while I am steadily working on purchasing the perfect Christmas presents for not just our children, but extended family as well.

     The kids big gifts this year are really going to push my deal finding strategy. On the list is already a new 4-wheeler for the oldest. Which also means that She will need safety equipment.  The middle child wants a Go-Kart. More safety equipment. And the youngest will be getting a snazzy new Power Wheels. Not to mention all the clothes I will be getting them, and non-Santa related toys.

     I can no longer wait for the days when a simple gift card to their favorite store will suffice as the perfect gift. HOW MUCH LONGER CAN I TAKE THIS!!

    Hubby thinks we should just save money until Black Friday. He is absolutely bat shit crazy. After last year, I have swore off any further Black Friday shopping. My fragile nerves can not handle to crowd or the fighting over the last popular toy. If I go again he will surly be bonding me out of jail.

     Can I just go to bed and not wake up till New Year's???

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby steps

       Yesterday I had a HUGE interview. If hired Y'all would know the new Office Manager/ Optometrist Assistant for Dr's Newman, Blackstock and Associates Optometry.

     I have though long and hard about going back to work. And I think I'm ready to give it a go. I really do miss working, and adult conversations. Not to mention company paid health care, and a constant paycheck.

     Now the hard part. If hired, what do I do with my kids? The baby has never stayed with anyone but us before. And Mack and Bree have only ever been watched by family.

How would someone handle and love my children like I do?

How do I avoid hiring psycho Nanny? What questions do I need to ask? Do I need to do drug testing and background checks?

Would they know what to do in case of an emergency? Will they still watch the kids if they are sick, so neither the Hubs or I have to miss work?


On the bright side, Mack brought home her middle of term report today. ALL A's Baby!!! I am so proud and honsetly have no idea where She got her smarts from...........

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blogger Idol

Yeah, that's right. Your's truly is auditioning for Blogger Idol  !!! And quite honestly, I am scared to death. I'm hoping to get some ideas to better my blog and expand my audience from this experience.

So, Y'all really need to support me in this!

My blog will be judged by 16 well respected fellow bloggers. And these prizes are AWESOME!!!

Grand prize is a Samsung Galaxy tab!!! Squeeeeee!!!!!!!  I want it so bad!!!

You can check out all the great prizes here >>>>>>> PRIZES 

You can follow all the blogging excitement on their twitter page here >>>>> Blogger Idol Twitter   or on their Facebook page here >>>>>  Blogger Idol   
Or follow their blog here >>>>>>> Blogger Idol

Just make sure that on the pages that you like that Ya let them know that I'm the one that sent you. ( Yeah I'm a big kiss ass like that)

Well on that note, I am going to go and try to figure out the PERFECT audition piece. Wish me luck :)