Thursday, October 2, 2014

Those are my Babies

     Morgan, Alexis, Sage, Samantha, and Hannah. Yep those are my babies. Okay, I did not give birth to any of them, but I look at them all and see my own daughters. I see my children in their eyes. The only difference between my children and these young ladies... my children are still here with me. Do you think even one of the families directly linked to these girls thought that their little girl would come up missing or even worse murdered? No! No one ever thinks that  something like this will shatter their own family. People think, it won't happen to us, that sort of thing happens to other people. But... what happens when you become those other people that these things happen to? What do you do? Do you roll into a ball and just give up? Or do you become an advocate to bring notice to other missing girls and educate other young people that there are very real risks in this world?

     I do not know much about Sage or Samantha's parents and family. I would like to, I would love to see how they are since their babies vanished. Are they okay? Are they still looking? Are they silently raising awareness?

     Then we see Morgan's parents Dan and Gil, and Alexis' family. Dan and Gil started Help Save the Next Girl. A wonderful organization that is a HUGE advocate of victims and such a great  support to the families. Alexis' family is involved with HSTNG.

     And now we have Hannah's parents. Going through the same thing as many other families. Not knowing where their daughter is. could you imagine the pain?

    Dan and Gil are by far the strongest people I have ever seen. The man charged with abducting Hannah is linked to the death and disappearance of Morgan. Instead of being shattered all over again, they are so concentrated on finding Hannah. And we will find her! I can feel it! Whether she is still alive or has drifted over to a much better place. To me Hannah is a hero. Because of her, there is a Monster off the street ( I won't even say his name, he isn't worth it and all he wants is this attention). She has saved countless more girls and families from going through this heart break.

   What can we do to save our children? We can educate and make them aware. We bring these beautiful, wonderful little people into this world. Raise them the best that we can in the hopes that we are preparing them for the real world and that one day that they will change it. And they can and do in their own way. The sad fact is that for every beast they take off the streets that are praying on our children, there are 2 more to replace them.

     I remember being a teenager, I remember my 20's. I did a lot of stupid things, and learned lessons from them. I participated in underage drinking and wondered around town alone and drunk. I was raped. Looking back, I'm lucky that is all that happened to me. It could have been so much worse.

    My children are still young, but there will come a day when they are out and about on their own. A time that I won't be there to watch after them to make sure they are safe. And I am petrified of that day! So in the meantime I am teaching them to to care for themselves in the safest way possible. I know that they will stumble and make mistakes. That they will think they are to old to listen to old Mom. But I hope these things will stick with them. Just because I do not think I can be like Dan and Gil. I wouldn't be able to advocate. My world would be shattered and I would just cease to exist.

   But for now, I am advocating! I am doing all I can to help HSTNG. To support Hannah's family and the efforts to bring her home! She NEEDS to be home! All of these children need to be brought home! Not just for their families but for all of us. Because they are OUR children!

Personal safety for everyone:

  • Travel in groups to avoid being out alone
  • Always use the buddy system
  • Always have at least one person not drinking to safely escort you
  • Know your environment
  • Stay alert
  • Keep your belongings close to you
  • Don't be a woman!!! (As in woman are often sympathetic and easily fall prey to the woe as me act)
  • Make sure roommates/family know where you are at all times and who you are with

Those are just a few tips