Friday, April 26, 2013

Reasons, Seasons, and lifetimes

When I was young and dumb I met what I thought was the man of my dreams. I was convinced that I was destined to spend all of eternity with him. Long story short, he couldn't keep his junk in his pants and treated me like ass. But I learned then that people come into your life for a reason, season, or a life time. His reason? So I could meet his wonderful sister.

Yep, Billie is a lifer. She knows me better than anyone else in this whole world. She gets me. She knows I have a sick twisted mind and still loves me. She is the one person in this whole wide universe that is there for me no matter what. Sure we have had our ups and downs. She is so much more than my friend. She is my sister too. She gets what I have been through, and understands how I feel.

I would fight to no end for her. She means the world to me.

Lifers are the people that come into your life to ...... well stay. They ground you. They lift you up when you fall, and always have a shoulder available for you to cry on. They are the people that can always without fail see the good in you and put a smile on your face when you need it the most.

Reason peeps...... See the key word there? They come into your life for a reason. To teach you a lesson, to connect you with people that will be a bigger staple in your life in the greater scheme of things. What I learned from Billie's brother? Well, I suppose that in all bad there comes some good. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have Billie in my life now.

Season people.... These people come into your life and last much longer that reason people. Sometimes you have that Season person in your life so long that you think that they are a Lifer. These people usually come with a bigger life lesson than we expected.

I know this post probably makes no sense at all. but I have a few friends going through some things right now. I just want them to know that all things have some hidden lesson in them.

For the friend going through a break-up. I know it hurts. It always does. But, and it may not be today or tomorrow, or hell even a year from now, but you will figure out the lesson and reason behind this person coming into your life and then leaving so suddenly. And you will be better for this, and you will be a stronger person.