Thursday, May 17, 2012


I think I may have a problem.

I am obsessed with men from Australia. There is just something about a sexy tan man with that sexy accent. Here are a few of my favorite men from "Down Under"

Can we say YUMMY!!!!! Hello Kieth Urban is PERFECT!!!! If I could get him to leave Nic for me I would be in HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!! You can sing for me anytime baby!!!

I would gladly take any member oh Thunder from Down under into my bed!!!! Can we say HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we can not leave out Mel!!! I have been infatuated with him since I was little and watched "Bird on a Wire"

But I would gladly settle for Johnny Depp in any form, even tho he isn't from Australia!!!!!

Oh yeah, I defiantly spend a lot of time planning how to capture that elusive creature Johnny Depp!!!!!

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