Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dare Devil

When I was my children's ages I was quite timid.  Didn't have a brave bone in my body. I was perfectly content  hiding in my room, playing with barbies,coloring in books, and aggravating my parents. You could not pay me to climb a tree, jump off the side of a swimming pool ( I stayed in the safe shallow end then like I do now). I would not do anything that I perceived to be even the least bit dangerous. I always had a Mother's mind. I could fall out of the tree and break an arm, or sink in the deep water and drown, or wreck my bike and break my face riding down that big hill. I was a smart child that knew my limits. And much like I am now, I was accident prone.  I would walk into walls, slip and hit my head in the bath tub, fall out of bed or fall up stairs even at a young age. I was NEVER graceful or coordinated. 

My children are my complete opposites. 

I have sat and watched in utter horror as my older 2 have climbed trees, Telling them the whole time to get down before they fell and broke their arm. Because in my mind that is what was going to happen, and of course it didn't. Watched them with fear as they raced around at a friends house on 4-wheeler s and go-karts, just knowing that they were going to wreck, but they never did. Watched my oldest Diva ride EVERY roller coaster in a theme park, petrified that it was going to fly off it's tracks with my baby on board. Now my older 2 children did not start what I believe to be reckless behavior till they were around 4 or 5. 

My youngest is 2 and is already acting crazy. A true thrill junky. She is jumping from her table to the couch, climbing to the top of her dresser, and over the gate. She is my mini heart attack. 

What did I do to deserve children that want to put me into an early grave?

Do they make bubbles big enough to enclose all 3 into?

I keep telling my children what is going to happen if they keep doing these things. But they never happen. I can not wait till the day that I am right and one does fall out of that tree just so that I can say I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

Dare Devils........ Can't live with them, but what's a Momma to do?

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