Saturday, June 22, 2013

Zombies have hearts to

So my youngest and I did a Zombie Walk.

So much fun! and we got to see the superMoon.

I bet you didn't know that we Zombies have big hearts, albeit dead and decayed, we are very giving creatures.

We hate to see other species go hungry.

We have donated canned goods to the local food pantry. Honestly, what are we going to do with breather food anyway? And we need to keep our food supply healthy... right?

Here are pics from our evening... Enjoy.

Our dresses

We were going for the "I just ate" look, Do you think we succeeded?

Our canned food donation

 We don't need this, and have yet to see any "Canned Brains" , we are hopeful
 they will come out with some soon tho.

Yummy, Mommy sure does have a tasty ankle!!!

It's a HORDE!!!!! RUN!


Poor kid had to dance for her supper

Shake what your Mommy Zombie gave ya!

Where are all the good brains at?

This one is my fave from the walk!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What did I just see?

These things can NEVER be unseen!!!


The kitteh is actually pretty cute. I wanna kiss both it's little noses!

And now the number 1 thing that can not be unseen, Mainly because my 3 year old is obsessed with it. I have lost countless hours off my life because of this video...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Someone is out to get me....

I discovered this starting at 3 this morning. It started innocently enough. I was woken up by the call of nature need to pee. I crawl over Hubby ( I do this because it is the closest route to the bathroom, and because I'm mean like that ) and make it in record time. Still half asleep, I sit on the pot and let it loose. And what happened? Someone who shall remain nameless ( ok, it was me ), put the lid down on the toilet. And let me tell ya something. Pissing all over yourself AND the floor is a sure fire way to wake you up!

After taking a quick shower, I come into the living room to relax myself by playing some candy crush. I go to sit in my computer chair and am instantly froze into place by an irate cat from hell, that just happened to be in MY chair.  Why didn't I notice her? Because the bitch is the same color as said chair. She comoflagues herself when she is in t, just to attack me.  3 deep scratched and half a box of bandaids on my backside later, I am now ready to go back to bed. 

I make it safely into bed without disturbing the Hubs and fall blissfully back to sleep. Just to be woken up by Bailey. My sweet little puppy must have contracted some rare puppy Zombie virus. He went from sweet and fluffy to having an insatiable hunger for my flesh before I could do anything about it. 

( Yikes, that is a super creepy dog )

And now because my puppy has the hunger for flesh, I am quite possible missing fingers, toes, and ear lobes. 

I am now WIDE awake at 6am. 

The day HAD to get better from there right? WRONG! that is a big fat effing WRONG. 

From there, I have semi- electrocuted myself, fallen over the baby gate, up the front porch steps, down the back porch steps, walked into the wall 7 times, and managed to stab myself with a fork while doing dishes. 

Can I call a mulligan on today? I need a do over!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lets take this another way

I know, my writing has been super random.

But I am going to turn this whole blog around. Don't worry, there will still be occasional post about my wacky kids, or things I feel the need to vent about. But I'm hoping to start doing some product reviews.

I emailed the Softcup people, so I'm hoping to be able to try and review one. This would be so awesome. For one, if it does what it's supposed to do, this girl will no longer be wearing a pad and a tampon at the SAME time when Aunt Flo rears her ugly face. Who knows, maybe I can be like one of them ladies from the tampax commercials wearing white and dancing through a field of daisies. How cool would that be? I could have a "Happy period" .

Ok maybe not happy, but maybe less messy, and expensive? Who knows. We shall see. Fingers crossed :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013


This girl just got herself a new puppy.

Meet Bailey

Ok not a good pic. Lets try again...... Meet Bailey and Tori lol

Isn't he just the cutest puppy EVER?

He is a 9 week old Shih-Tzu.

And I love him!!!

Purple Ribbon Pageant

Well Miss Tori was in her second ever pageant.

The Purple Ribbon Pageant. It was fun fun. Not only that but it benefited some great causes that I can stand behind. All proceeds went to benefit Fibromyalgia, Pancreatic Cancer, and Crohn's Disease. Which as a Fibro sufferer, I can support 100%.

As opposed to most pageants we have done, this one was very laid back.

We even had a break between casual wear and beauty. With Pizza and cupcakes.

One small problem I want to vent about was this crazy Mother/Grand Mother. This little girl was in Tori's age group and was crying because she wanted a cupcake. This crazy Bitch slapped this poor child for well .... acting like a typical 3 year old. WTF lady?!?! It's not like we are up for Miss America here. Tori ate a cupcake with her dress on. Granted it was hard, but not impossible.

Anywho, Miss Tori got 1st Runner up for her age group and her cousin got the Tiny Miss title. How awesome is that?

Here are pics from our day :)

All in all we had a great fun filled day!