Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kids for Sale

So If anyone would like to have them, just offer me ANYTHING! I have been cleaning all day long today, and I still ain't done yet.

I go into the Small's bed room, and low and behold the MOUNTAIN of clean clothes I just freeking washed and instructed them to put away, was under their bed. Now I have to rewash EVERYTHING!!! I had to detail clean the crap out of their room.
So needless to say.... Their allowance they want so bad? Yeah well it's going toward MORE laundry detergent.

I would much rather have a clean home and unhappy kids. But that's NEVER going to happen. And after the day I have had I feel like this:
And I still need to finish all the laundry, clean the kitchen, the bathroom, and Me and Hubbie's bedroom...... :(  

1 comment:

  1. Damn sounds like my day only minus the laundry, instead it's toys everywhere and I've been repeating myself. Ugh when does school start again oh right the 27th.