Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Flight of mind

Have you ever had one of them days where you just seem to forget everything?

Yeah, well that's me today.

First off I go to go to the store, and low and behold I left my car keys in the house. I get to the store, lock my car doors ( Ya'll know where this is going don't ya?), do my little bit of shopping, come out with my load, and 3 kids, and guess what!?!? I appear to have locked my keys in the flippin car. And My cell phone is still sitting in the car seat. What luck I have. I run into the store in total hysterics, so some big burly redneck helped me out. He worked his mystical red neck magic and got me back into my ride.

I get home, Get everything and everyone inside the house, go back to my car to get my purse, and guess what? Once again my keys, phone, and purse are locked in the car. How the fuck this happened is beyond me. I like in BFE. I never lock my house or my car doors at home. But a mystery person seemed to have locked my car door behind me today. I then walk the 1 mile to my neighbors house to get him to come assist me. Somehow ( once again red neck magic) he gets my car opened for me. I grabbed my belongings out of the seat and double checked this time to be sure my car doors were not locked.

I get to making lunch for the littles and guess what!?!? I left a bag at the store. The very bag that contained their lunch for today. At which point I say fuck this shit, give them a bag of cookies and lock myself in the bathroom for an hour.

Can I have a mulligan for today?

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