Friday, July 6, 2012

A= Amazed

So for this blog challenge, starting out with the letter A...... I thought and thought and thought, ( I know, thinking isn't always my strong suit) , Then it finally hit me. My letter A will stand for Amazed. I will blog about all the things that Amaze me . Other than the shiny things in life.  So here we go.

My kids truly AMAZE me everyday. I just can't believe that God has blessed me with 3 wonderful little girls. And smart too.  And precious little Tori. To have been born with cleft lip and palate and to have already gone through 3 surgeries and is still a happy healthy 2 year old.

My wonderful Hubby! He is a truly amazing person. I don't know many men that would commit themselves to a woman like me with ( then 2 ) crazy kids, and a psycho ex-husband. And then raise said 2 children as his own and do more for them than their biological sperm donor can even dream of.  Plus keep me on track and deal with my ups and downs!

My strength amazes me. When I lost My parents in a car accident, I thought I would shrivel up and just cease to exist. But here I am, a little damaged, but all the more committed to being here for my girls.

My wonderful friends. Who truly know me and stand behind me 110% no matter what crazy choices I have made in my life.

Holidays. I know it sounds corny, just I just never out grew the excitement of any of them.

The power of God. How her can truly heal the sick, and make such beautiful sunsets. HE mystify s and amazes me all the time.

And of course all things shiny!!!!

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