Saturday, June 9, 2012

Night of Terror

So I drug my tired ass to bed at 12 last night. Yet I was up at 5:30 this morning. Why you ask? Because my animals and kids decided to torment me.

Between 12 and 3, the middle child came into the bedroom 5 times to state that she was having a nightmare. (Okay... fine Kid, Mommy is tired GO BACK TO BED!!!) She has been doing this a lot since the last time when we let her sleep with up.

I finally get her to go back to bed, fall into a blissful sleep, when BAM I am attacked by Satan's Kitty. She scratched the crap out of my foot. I kick her out of the house for the night and make my way back toward the bedroom. When the Evil dog from hell (who is black and I can't see in the dark) runs in front of me, and I fall over him hitting my head on the wall. At this point I am tired, and now have a splitting headache. I pop 4 Excedrin then go back to bed. At 4:15am ( well that's the last numbers I saw on the clock) I finally fall asleep. And what a nice sleep it was.

I was in the middle of the best dream ever! Where Johnny Depp and Brett Michaels were fighting over me, when I heard....... feet running down my hallway. I am a super light sleeper, so this pissed me off. I get out of the bed, and make my way to the source of the noise and meet my 8 year old in the hallway. I no sooner get her name out of my mouth, when she VOMITS all over my damn feet. Great, just great. So I had to clean her off, mop my floor, and take a shower all at 5:30 this morning.

Yeah I was wide awake by then. I give up on EVER getting a full nights sleep till I am dead.

Does anyone want 3 kids and some pets? They are FREE to a good home.

Oh well, on the bright side, it is 8:30 am and my house is spotless......................

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  1. I'm sorry...but this just made me giggle til I snotted myself. Only because it happens to me too. You are not alone. Okay, so maybe not that extent...I've had week long vomit fests where my kids tag team me, but usually the animals wait til the stomach bug has vacated the house before they start their assault on me.