Thursday, June 7, 2012

Irate Momma

So I now have new reasons on planning my Ex-Husbands demise.

I am slowly but surly compiling a list of things to take to my lawyer.

The newest addition........ He caught a drug charge! And thought he could hide it from me?!?!?! Really ? He should know better than to underestimate my vindictiveness. When it comes to my kids I can dig more dirt on someone that the CIA!

I knew he was a druggie. The whole time we were married, his whole pay check went to getting drugs, while I was the one working my ass off to get the kids the things they need or want. Now I have undeniable proof of his drug abuse!

Ya know, he hasn't even called to check on the kids? Yeah, you really want to see them don't ya?

Just really pisses me off.

And when they do go , he had MY BABIES sleeping on the damn floor. that shit don't fly with me.

Why won't he just sign his damn rights away and let Donald adopt them?

Ok that's enough for now.....

Later Peeps

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