Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wal-Mart vigilante

Yeah, that's me I reek havoc all over Wal-Mart when I go. People hide in corners and shudder at my presence.
They run screaming from the isles when they see me walking their way.

Ok , maybe I am exaggerating. But that is how they should react. Or they would if they had any common sense. ( Which they DON'T)

My main problem is, well honestly, I hate Virginia Tech and their students. ( I know, I know. I love in Hokie Country and am a disgrace to my community)

But what the Hell ever!

You would think for someone that got into a good school that they would be a little smarter than they actually are.  I mean these idiots ( that live off of Mommy and Daddy's money ) don't use cross walks ( which is when I usually push the gas peddle in the car, just to see how fast they can run ). But what gets me the most? They are rude ( and most of them don't speak English) .

I have Wal-Mart rage.

In fact I was quite mouthy today. Telling people to go back to their country if they can't speak English.  And yelling at people to get the FUCK out of my way. ( I got 3 kids, I don't want to be in Hell all day with them.... umm I mean Wal-Mart) . At one point today, and I'm actually pretty proud of this, I mowed over a boy student with my buggy. Well maybe mowed over is a bit off, but I did hit him with it. I asked this moron real nice like ( keeping my cursing to a minimal) to please get out of the way. And of course he didn't move. I then told brainiac to move his ass or I would hit him with my buggy.... still no response ( just a dirty look. I suppose not only are they devoid of any common sense, They are also deaf) . So I proceeded to back up a few steps ( needed good forward momentum for this) and I ran that damn metal cart as hard as I could into the back of his leg.

He gave me the look of death. But moved out of the way. I made sure to thank him for seeing things my way. And went on about my bidness.

All in all , it was a good morning. I got my wine, and food for the kiddo's, and everything else I had on my list.

Way to go Me! ( And I didn't kill anyone, or bash them in the head with a giant can of green beans). I really need a pat on the back for this one!!!

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  1. hahaha. I feel your pain!
    glad to be a new follower from the TGIF Blog Hop.