Saturday, June 9, 2012

Can we say Partay?

So last month I decided that I was going to be an It Works! distributor.

So I got my business kit and didn't really do much with it. Used 2 of my body wraps. The first one I lost 2 inches, and the 2nd I lost 3. So that's a total of 5 inches lost with 2 wraps. Of course we aren't "supposed" to advertise inch loss. It's a side effect. I say why not? Everyone has some form of inch loss from these things. Now I tell ya, it takes 72 hours to get the full effect, but damn, I'm happy with any inch loss.

Anywho, I decided to have my first wrap party tonight. It was pretty nifty. I gave out samples of the greens, had a greens face mask, and offered up samples of the profit shake ( which everyone liked, but I can't stand the taste of).

The real fun was wrapping all these people.

My BFF A did one and the Hooker lost 3 1/4 inches in 45 minutes ( I hate her for that ), Just kidding A, you know I love you. Lee did one and lost 2 1/2 inches. And a few other people did some on their bellies and had good results as well.

Now for the partay craziness............. Lee's Hubby, J was there. And somehow he got talked into.... wait for it..... wrapping his penile. There is a lesson here Peeps. So J proceeds to wrap his penile. Does great for , Oh say about 5 minutes, when he starts screaming "IT BURNS, IT BURNS, GET THIS MOTHER FUCKER OFF OF ME". Me being the nice person I am, was laughing so hard I pissed myself and left a puddle in A's floor. ( I did warn him that it could burn). But Lee got it off of him somehow while he was dancing around and screaming. Not sure if he had any inch loss or not, we didn't measure his winkie before this happened.

Moral of the story? DO NOT EVER PUT SOMETHING WITH MENTHOL IN IT ON YOUR CROTCH!!!!! The crotch no likey the burn!!!!!

All in all, I think the party was a success, and there was a lesson well learned :)

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  1. Bwaaaaaahahahaha!!!! You & your friends would totally get along with me and my friends!!!! That is totally something that could happen at one of our gatherings. I just about peed my pants reading this.