Monday, June 25, 2012

Long Time No Blog

Well, I have been away for a hot minute. Hubby was off work for vacation all of last week. Which ment I had to preform double the wifely duties than normal. I should get paid for the shit I do to make him happy.

The house was in total chaos while he was here. All the routine we had went straight down the shitter. We spent tons of time at the local swimming hole. And I got my tan on :)

I also had help deep cleaning the house for once.

Now he is back at work and I can think of all the craziness I'm going through. Rhino the hamster is about to die :( So a trip to town is in order to find a replacement hamster.

I had an ultrasound of my kidney's today. And the verdict is not good at all. My left kidney is not pushing urine into my bladder, and I have a cyst on my right kidney. Joyful joyful. Now I'm thinking, what will happen to my kids if something happens to me? I am truly freaking the fuck out because of this,

And to top things off, I haven't started my period yet. I did spot one day the other week...... and then NOTHING!!! Took 3 pregnancy tests and they all came out negative. So WTF is going on with my body?

Ok peeps peace out!

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  1. OH SHIT!!! Hope everything's ok...and you're not knocked up (unless of course you want to be). I awarded you the Liebster award. Go check out my post :)