Sunday, April 8, 2012

Worst Easter EVER!!!

So, my Papaw had surgery last Thursday and has been in ICU ever since. I went and saw him yesterday and everyone was saying he was stable. Then my Aunt called me this am. The Doctors didn't think he would make it through last night. His liver is failing, they have him on dialysis, and he has fluid in his lungs. His oxygen won't stay up, and they can't get him stable enough to transport him to a better hospital. All I can think is that I'm NOT ready to lose him.

He looked so fragile yesterday. My Papaw is not a fragile man.

I keep remembering when I was little and me and my cousin and Aunts and Mom would help him clean his school bus.

He used to call me Cracker Jack. He is such a strong man and worked all the time.

So Easter has been really hard on me this year.

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