Wednesday, April 11, 2012

alone in space

Well I am looking for some trouble to get into.

The Hubby is out of town for the next 6 days.  Don't now what I'm going to do without him. What will I do if the toilet get's clogged? Or I get a flat? Or even worse what if I see a SPIDER?!?!?!? Who is going to keep me on the straight and narrow? What if I get the urge to give the girl's mullets? Or paint the living room hot pink? ( Might actually do that :) ). Who is going to convince me to send the kids to school , that they aren't really sick and are just trying to play hokey? Who is going to do my dishes and help me clean? (Okay , I don't really need help with that, but it would be nice)

Maybe for the next 6 days I will be a nudist? (Nah, I don't wanna traumatize the neighbors with my jelly rolls and dimpled butt cheeks)

And what about sex. Guess there is no love like self love. Thank the lord I have enough toys to own stock with energizer and power a small X- rated store.

Perhaps I will go get my hair did. Platinum blonde with purple streaks anyone?

Plus I have to remember that the little people in the house need to be fed. And help with homework , no matter how clueless I am to what they are learning.

So I suppose that for the next 6 days I need to be the grown up that I really don't want to be. We shall see how that goes....................................


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