Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The workings of a Penile

I'm just gonna put it out there.


Take a minute and let that word sink in : P.E.N.I.S

Being female and all I have always been curious about the workings of the peniles.

I happen to think they are kinda nifty.

If I had one I would most likely have my hands on it 24/7

But being a woman I know I say what goes,

Why You may ask?

Because I possess the thing that most peniles  want most.

The Hubby think's I am odd. I am obsessed with Boobies and Penises.

I happen to call his , his winky, or lil Willy, or cock, depending on what kind of mood I am in.

Here is a list of Penile nicknames I have came across:

Beaver Cleaver
Meat Thermometer
One-Eyed Monster
Energizer Bunny
Magic Stick
Lincoln Log
The Trouser Snake
The Pleasure Pump
Man’s Best Friend
The Dicktator
Third Leg of the Tripod
Mr. Winky

 Hercules Meatquake
 The Tentacle of Love 
 Jolly Pink Giant
 The Littlest Stormtrooper
 Sir John Falstaff 
 The Ejaculator 
 Gilgamesh, Half-God Warrior King of the Sumerians 
 The Fourth Branch of Government
 Whoa's Ark 
 The Trunk of Life 
 Flesh O'Clock 
 Hound of the Baskervilles 
 Destro's Secret Weapon 
 Titanus Shaftum 
 The Mighty Dongo
 Phallcor, The Luck Dragon
 King of Wangistan 
 Bachman Turner Overdrive 
The Starship Bonerprize 
 Seven And A Half Inches Of Fury 

Pennis the Menace
Johnny Come Early
Third Arm of Justice
The Zipper Ripper
Everybody Loves the Nubbin
Gertrude Frankenstein
The Exxon Valdenis
Abdullah (the Tent Maker)
Donald Pump
Admiral James T. Cock
President Johnson
Kaptain Kielbasa
Old Drizzly
Chief of Staff
Pope John Pole III
Thor’s Hammer
King Leer
The Molten Mushroom
Scepter of Sordidness
Horseman of the Ahumpalypse
Regurgitator of Rejuvenation
E.T.’s Stinkfinger
Niagara Balls
Meat Maelstrom
Trembling Torpedo
King Ohyeah
Buster McThunderstick
Madeleine Albright
The Viscount of Veins
The New York Post
Winnie the Cock
The Fleshy Winnebago
The Squinty Blowpop
The Slim Reaper
Jack Kerouwacker
The Naughtiest Cardinal
Master’s Pincushion

And I am sure there are many more. I just noticed that the men folk are so much more creative naming their man bits than we are at naming our lady bits.

But it doesn't matter, because WE ALL KNOW  THAT GINERS  make the world go round !!!

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