Thursday, April 19, 2012

A little nutty in the house

Sometimes I wonder why I choose to be a stay at home mommy instead of staying in the work field.  ( Not really a choice due to medical problems I can't seem to get control over)

I used to have a life and outside friends. I had a job that I absolutely loved. I was once a COA ( certified opthamoligic assistant )  working toward my COMT ( certified opthamoligic medical tech ). Which would have been AWESOME, I would have gotten to help in lens transplants and all kinds of neat eye surgeries, instead of just getting to sit in and watch on occasion. I loved doing eye injections, puff test, and VA tests.

I was doing great working full time and being a Mommy to my then 2 beautiful little kids.

Then my Mommy passed away in a car accident. My depression and my fibromyalgia just got so much worse on me that I couldn't work.

Everyday since then is a struggle. My body hurts all the time. And half the time I have problems even getting out of bed.

I now have a 3rd little girl who is 2 now.

For the most part I love being at home with the heathens.....

Then there are days like today, where they are all 3 at home, driving me crazy, and I can't seem to get shit done.

Days like today, I long for adult interaction. something to talk about other than the kitties, and random cartoons that they watch.

I need a break.

Today wouldn't have been so bad if the older 2 hadn't been sent home from school for .... GAH lice......

Where the fuck did these bugs come from? I bleach everything twice a week. Bedding is changed every other day. They bathe and wash their hair every night.

So today I have a full on assault on these head creatures. EVERYTHING is getting washed in scalding hot water. I'm using bleach on everything, pluse that Rid lice spray. I have done treatments on everyone's heads, now I'm going to slather their hair in vasoline and let it sit for a few hours. I want these things out of my house!!!!

On top of that, I still need to pay some bills, wash and fold the rest of the laundry, clean the bathroom, living room, and kitchen. Clean all 3 kids rooms. Plus my bedroom. I also want to go through all the clothes we no longer wear and take pictures of them for the Yard Sale page on Facebook.

At the rate I'm going I may get everything done by midnight, but I doubt it.

My kids seem to think that it's ok to fight and argue and be super winey today.

I may just have to lock them in the closet to get anything done.

At some point in time I will need to make dinner and feed our animals.

And clean the hamster cage.

On top of already having 3 kids that range in age between 2 and 8, we have 1 hamster named Rhino, 2 cats, and a dog.

And yet I am getting a new dog next month ?

Why you might ask....

Well because obviously I don't have nearly enough to keep me busy.

He will be so worth it tho. He is 98% wolf and 2% shepherd. A truly magnificent puppy.

Don't you agree?

I feel like I am losing it today.

How am I going to get everything done?

Maybe I should just go back to work and then hire some help.....................................

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