Monday, May 5, 2014

Two Words (Man Crush Monday)

Danila Kozlovsky.....

     Yeah if you thought I was just going to say those 2 words, then you just don't know me very well. It is after all "Man Crush Monday".

                                                    Just look at that adorable face!!!

     Living in the U.S, we don't always get to see actors from other countries. Watching Vampire Academy, I discovered this perfect specimen of manliness. WTF Russia, why are you keeping him to yourself? It's time to share Bitches!!!
                                             Danila's hotness in Vampire Academy

     I have scoured the interwebs for info on Danila. And through my findings he is on my "freebie list". Along with Johnny Depp and Brett Michaels. However they have dropped significantly, seeing how Danila takes the first 3 slots. Do Y'all know what that means? I can have my way with him a good 3 times before the Hubby gets mad. But that is more than enough time for Danila to fall hopelessly in love with my sexual prowess  brain, and good soul, not to mention my stunning personality.

     Danila has a lot going for him. Here is a list of why you should love him too.

  1. He is uber cute
  2. That accent! (Can you imagine him speaking his native tongue in your ear during a rousing game of Monkey in the Middle)  
  3. Charity work! He is big time into kids charities. He even helped open a center for children with Autism.
  4. He is a superb actor
  5. Did I mention that he is HOT?

Yep so Danila is my newest Man Crush! It was love at first stalk :)

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