Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday 10's

     So I'm trying this whole "consistent" blog thing, where I will write something everyday. I had a damn plan for today, but alas, spending all day at the E.R with Miss M cut into what I wanted to do. I barely got home in time to get Miss B off the bus, and then I had to make dinner and clean the house. So what I was going to do today (and trust me you would have LOVED it) will be moved to Thursday, fingers crossed we don't end up back at the hospital, but that is my plan. I'm sure you are wondering what is wrong with Miss M, so I'll tell ya a little about that before moving onto what I'm getting at today. M's tummy has been hurting for the past week. This morning she could barely move, so I took her to her Ped. they did a strep test (which as positive), and then they were concerned about her appendix and sent us over to the E.R. They did blood work, M's white count is elevates (which could be from the strep), and then did an ultrasound.... which showed nothing. so they talked with the surgeon, and said to hold off till Thursday. That her tummy may be bothering her from the strep, but that if it is still bothering her then that I need to call her ASAP, and then they would remove it.  Good times people. Nothing better than spending the day at the hospital with a kid in pain, and a 4 year old that wanted to act like she was possessed. I was inches from brewing up my own holy water and dousing her with it and screaming "Christ compels you" .

     Now onto what I'm getting at today. 10 things about me :)

1: I love to read. I'm currently reading The King by JR Ward (I love me some BDB)

2: I am absolutely petrified of clowns (in fact just the word creeps me out)

3: I simply can not sleep in the dark... or alone

4: I love all music, I can go from Old School country to Godsmack in 2.5 seconds

5: I am a domestic violence survivor.

6: I would love to have more babies

7: I will always choose the Mountains over the Beach

8: I am trying unsuccessfully to quit smoking

9: I am terrible at math. In fact just the fact that I have managed to get to number 9 is amazing.

10:  I have a multitude of health issues. The one currently impacting my life the most is my fibromyalgia.

There we go. 10 things about me. What about you?

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