Saturday, May 10, 2014

Feeling a bit stalkerish?

     Is that even a word? Stalkerish.... I might have to look into that. Now this sorta thing takes devotion. I should be making dinner for the kids, or cleaning. But I'm not. I am on a mission, the kids and house can wait. Or eat ice cream for dinner. Whatever. Now I have a mission. I want.. no I need for Danila Kozlovsky to follow me on twitter. Why you ask? Well why the hell not? I could send him wonderful messages then. So my mission is to make this happen... NOW. I'm not a patient lady! So we are making a list as to why he should follow me.....

1: Why not follow me? Isn't it obvious that I am freaking awesome?

2: I don't hold back from anything I want to say

3: I am quite persistent, so you might as well follow me now and save us the time of me doing more stalkerish posts about you. 

4: I am fun!

5: I'm not overly crazy, but then again I suppose this borders on the line of crazyville. So I'm not crazy crazy, I'm like a fun crazy.

6: I am fucking hilarious! 

7: I have an extensive vocabulary. Ok maybe not extensive, but it is colorful.

8: I live in the exciting world of Stay at home mom land, I need something/ someone to entertain me. (Lucky you)

Ok so that is all I could come up with for now, but like seriously you should totally follow me on Twitter. Damnit I'm old (32) and have no life (that's really exciting anyway). I would totally leave my Hubby and maybe one of my kids for you (Yep that doesn't sound creepy at ALL). But really it would mean a lot. And if it helps any my kiddo's would be happy to hear me stop talking about you. Seriously........

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