Friday, May 2, 2014

A note from the mom of a girl to the moms of boys, you lucky bitches!

I miss the good old days. Ya know the days that my oldest daughter had NO INTEREST AT ALL in ... (shudder) boys. 
The days when you had a boyfriend and then broke up a day or 2 later. 
Yep those days are long gone now.
I have a 10 year old going on 16 Y'all.
Miss M has been with Mr.K for 9 months!!!! that's right, NINE FREAKING MONTHS!!!
She tells me things. Like she loves him. And I get to hear about the class will be home wrecker trying to break her and K up, but they won't let that happen because their love is true. Where does she get this shit?
I've met K a few times. In general he is a sweet kid.
He tells M that she is beautiful and smart. He carries her books for her and holds doors open.
I'm proud of her taste in men. She knows not to put up with anyone's shit, and she doesn't. She has K trained!
It's a hard pill to swallow to realize that your babies are growing up.
It's even worse when the person that has your child's attention gives her the "look". I hate that look. Ya know, the look of total adoration.... Yep I hate it! 

And that is when I know that you bitches that harvested only winkies in your uterus... I hate you!
You only have to worry about the winkies you brought into this world. However, I who birthed 3 girls have to worry about every damn winkie in the universe. Even alien winkies!!!  If it has a winkie I am tripping balls and plotting how I am going to remove said winkie if it comes near my daughter. 

There are more days than I can count that I pray that my girls gain a ton of weight and start sprouting facial hair. Just so I don't have to worry about winkies.  But like Hubby said, ugly hairy bitches need love too, and there is pretty much a guarantee that there is a hideous man that would think my hideous hairy daughter was hot. And then I am once again googling winkie removal. Terms like ungloved are Loraina Bobbit flood my mind. 

You know that saying that what when you have children what you did to your parents will come back to you to the 3rd power. It's the universes way of straightening you out, and teaching you a lesson. I am beyond screwed, and all I can say if FUCK YOU UNIVERSE! I HATE YOUR NASTY FACE!!!

Now I am seriously considering home schooling all of the kids just to keep them about from boys for the rest of their lives.

I have grey hairs and wrinkles over this shit! NOT COOL!!!

I'm not ready for Grand babies. 

Not saying my girls will be whores, but the 3rd power shit really has me worried at this point!

I was a shitty boy crazy teen. Now I have a shitty boy crazy, and MOUTHY 10 year old to contend with. 

Yeah you bitches with boys have it easy.

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