Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Late night Bitchiness

     I am in Hell. Truly I am in Hell. I had to bring Miss M back to the E.R over her tummy. Fine, I brought my cell, tablet, and laptop to keep us entertained. Easy peasy, right? WRONG!! My POS ex-husband decided that tonight is the perfect time to be a Dad. Are you fucking kidding me? This sack of shit can't even come to Miss B's softball games. And now he shows up, acting like he knows everything and trying to diagnose Miss M on his own. Mother Fucker you haven't gotten the kids for your weekends since fucking MARCH!!  Why am I being punished?

     I hate that man with a fierceness I didn't know possible, and now I am stuck in a little room with him and my kid. FML someone needs to come up with some bail money.... I'm gonna need it!

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