Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yeah the title sums it all up. Well, not really plotting but wishing and fantasizing about the EX dying a LONG painful death.

I truly hate that man! This morning I wake up to being served papers for non compliance of visitation. I called him when the kids got out of school in May and he agreed to meet me on Sundays for Summer weekly visitation. Then called back the next day and said it HAD to be Fridays. I can't meet on Fridays. Donald works till about 10 on Friday nights and I can not always get the car.

Since then he has called 1 fucking time, and it wasn't even to talk to the kids or anything.

I am so tired of this shit I could scream. My oldest Little wants NOTHING to do with him. Anyone know a way to make this a reality? He has a drug charge on his record from 2010, can I use that to my advantage. And on top of that, MY kids don't have a room of their own to sleep in there.

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  1. Passing the sunshine award to you!