Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bitch FIT

Let me start this off by saying don;t fuck with my kids when they are sleeping! Even if your a drunk neighbor that doesn't realize that your doing it. This equals one pissed off Momma!

Anywho,Ya'll missed my massive bitch fit to the drunken neighbors. Why you may ask? Ok I'll tell ya why.

So the neighbors were gone all day yesterday. Which was great for me. I got to lay topless out in the sun.

Then come 12:30 am, they decide to come up my driveway. ( Why? I don't know, I suppose it's hard to distinguish your own damn driveway while in a drunken haze). Here's the kicker, I suppose they were so drunk that they didn't even recognize their own damn house and barged into mine. One of the 2 couples with a small child decided to take up residence in my crapper. While the other 2 took over MY couch and TV. Next thing I know ( I was blissfully asleep during the first part, drugs will do that to you) , I hear cussing and screaming coming from MY living room. Followed by my a petrified 6 year old crying, and an irate 2 year old that's had her beauty sleep interrupted. I then go downstairs, tell everyone to get THE FUCK OUT OF MY DAMN HOUSE (  I didn't really tell them, it was more like a banshee scream). Next thing I know, I got 2 drunk ass men fighting in MY living room. Drunk Bitch one tries to separate the 2 drunk ass men, when she finds herself flying through MY living room window. Drunk Bitch 2 them figures out they are in the WRONG house and flips out on ME for not locking MY door. Hello Bitch, I live in BFE. I don't get many drunken Morons invading my personal property! So I grab my pepper spray and start spraying the drunk ass men before they further destroy my house. Get them sedated, and call the Po PO, where on arrival, all 4 adults are arrested, and the kid goes to his Aunty.

I'm still kinda in shock over the whole situation. But needless to say, I now have plywood over my window, and spent all damn day cleaning glass out of MY floor from damage that I didn't even fucking cause.

Poor Bree was so traumatized, I had to give her 1/4 an ativan to calm her down. And Tori was up till 5am because of this little wake-up call.

So Yeah I'm a little pissed off over this, but I know where to go next time I get drunk, the next drive way up the road from mine. Karma is a bitch!!!

PS: What did I do to deserve this, and Why in the Hell is MY Hubster working out of town this week! He should have known this would happen.

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  1. WOW, Karma will be out to bite them on the arse!!