Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh the Horror

So once again today it was off to the swimming hole.

The water was perfect. But as soon as we got there a million people ( ok not a million, but it seemed like a million to a small swimming hole). And the fun really began. Kids! I love MY kids, because they are mine and by Mother Law I have to. Other people's kids..... not so much. It's like these people don't know how to parent and teach their young proper manners. I mean REALLY! What country encourages other children to splash a 2year old in the face even while she is screaming and crying? I swear I was about to drown someone's kids! I woulda done it too...... if there wasn't so many witnesses. I just can't deal with other people's kids. Makes me thankful that kids are as well behaved as they are.

So we had enough of the water festivities , and as I am getting ready to leave to water ..... something slithers across my foot.

Yep you guessed it. A Fucking snake across my foot! I died a thousand deaths right then and there. That is it. I can not write no more

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