Saturday, July 7, 2012


Wow this past week has been HELL!!!!!

As you all should know, we here on the east cost has a hellacious wind storm. ( As in I was petrified a tornado was going to take me and my Kiddo's over the rainbow) . This storm from HELL caused downed trees, and tons, and tons, and tons of people to go without power. And ME without my precious ( IE my beloved internet). for 4 damn days of pure hell, I had to bond with with my children and husband, ( PURE TORTURE !!!!!)

I only had to go without power for a few short hours for a few days. However my poor wonderful Nanna ( who lives in BMFE 3 hours away from me, whereas I only live in BFE ) has been without power for a damn week. Ya'll missed my fantastic bitch fit to her poor unsuspecting electric company, where a used a multitude of colorful words and lovely threats to their lives. Needless to say, my bitch fit finally did her some good. The wonderful people at Burke Electric saw things MY way and restored my Nanna's power 1 hour after my delightful phone call to them! ( YAY ME!!!)

So we spent those wonderful family bonding days swimming in the local swimming hole ( where I saw a damn snake), and just wanting to kill each other...... oops I mean enjoying each others company.

                                               overlook my fat ass, Tori not liking the pony!

Of course the 4th of July was during my mandatory internet break. So I took the Kiddo's 3 towns over to enjoy the festivities. Where we basked in the sun, the kiddo's bounced in free bouncy houses, and rode mini trains, and free pony rides.Which I learned, little lady does NOT like the pony's! She screamed EWWW EWW EWWWWWW the whole pony ride and wouldn't even touch the damn thing! Then we played with small explosives. And surprise surprise no one lost any limbs or sustained any 3rd degree burns!

But I'm back now Bitches!!! Did Ya'll miss me?

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