Saturday, June 22, 2013

Zombies have hearts to

So my youngest and I did a Zombie Walk.

So much fun! and we got to see the superMoon.

I bet you didn't know that we Zombies have big hearts, albeit dead and decayed, we are very giving creatures.

We hate to see other species go hungry.

We have donated canned goods to the local food pantry. Honestly, what are we going to do with breather food anyway? And we need to keep our food supply healthy... right?

Here are pics from our evening... Enjoy.

Our dresses

We were going for the "I just ate" look, Do you think we succeeded?

Our canned food donation

 We don't need this, and have yet to see any "Canned Brains" , we are hopeful
 they will come out with some soon tho.

Yummy, Mommy sure does have a tasty ankle!!!

It's a HORDE!!!!! RUN!


Poor kid had to dance for her supper

Shake what your Mommy Zombie gave ya!

Where are all the good brains at?

This one is my fave from the walk!

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