Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lets take this another way

I know, my writing has been super random.

But I am going to turn this whole blog around. Don't worry, there will still be occasional post about my wacky kids, or things I feel the need to vent about. But I'm hoping to start doing some product reviews.

I emailed the Softcup people, so I'm hoping to be able to try and review one. This would be so awesome. For one, if it does what it's supposed to do, this girl will no longer be wearing a pad and a tampon at the SAME time when Aunt Flo rears her ugly face. Who knows, maybe I can be like one of them ladies from the tampax commercials wearing white and dancing through a field of daisies. How cool would that be? I could have a "Happy period" .

Ok maybe not happy, but maybe less messy, and expensive? Who knows. We shall see. Fingers crossed :)

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