Saturday, June 8, 2013

Purple Ribbon Pageant

Well Miss Tori was in her second ever pageant.

The Purple Ribbon Pageant. It was fun fun. Not only that but it benefited some great causes that I can stand behind. All proceeds went to benefit Fibromyalgia, Pancreatic Cancer, and Crohn's Disease. Which as a Fibro sufferer, I can support 100%.

As opposed to most pageants we have done, this one was very laid back.

We even had a break between casual wear and beauty. With Pizza and cupcakes.

One small problem I want to vent about was this crazy Mother/Grand Mother. This little girl was in Tori's age group and was crying because she wanted a cupcake. This crazy Bitch slapped this poor child for well .... acting like a typical 3 year old. WTF lady?!?! It's not like we are up for Miss America here. Tori ate a cupcake with her dress on. Granted it was hard, but not impossible.

Anywho, Miss Tori got 1st Runner up for her age group and her cousin got the Tiny Miss title. How awesome is that?

Here are pics from our day :)

All in all we had a great fun filled day!

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