Wednesday, August 22, 2012

rambling of a crazy lady

Yeah, and lately I am feeling the tree part.

So this is my first UNMEDICATED blog. Yep Peeps ya hurd me. Joni is off her crazy pills. So sit back , buckle up, and keep all appendages in the tram at all times, because this is gonna be one crazy ass ride.

Why yes, yes I am. I am an expert on crazy. And crazy knows crazy!

Ok so this blog right here that your reading really doesn't have a point to it. I'm sure it did when I started with the dog and the tree, but somehow I lost my train of thought. In fact I'm positively sure that I have this whole earth shattering , life altering blog that was well written AND insightful all mapped out in my head. I just know I did. And it just disappeared

Well ain't that some crazy shit right there?

Who forgets what they were going to write about?

Oh yeah.... DUH that would be me.

See what happens when I get off my meds.

I got all dicombobulated. And easily distracted. .

Like, I love shiny things because, well they are shiny, and unmedicated Joni is simple like that and likes all things shiny.

So it may be awhile before I get back to my uber important writing, about the peniles, and boobies, and crazy grocery shopping.

Oh did I tell ya'll what I did today? Nope I sure didn't. I went shopping with the littles. I go into my purse to get my wallet, and pull out a handful of DVD's. Not even sure how they got there but I am fairly certain that the 2 year old little did it.

I miss my crazy pills :(

No I don't the unmedicated me is a hoot. I think? Yeah I am.

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