Thursday, August 2, 2012

Almost School Time B&^%$Es

Yep it's that time of year. When all stay at home Moms start doing that happy mental dance!

I am on official countdown!

Yep you guessed it, we are just weeks away from the kids going back to school!

Hell yeah! I will spend most of my days tending to one 2 year old instead of an 8, 6, and a 2 year old. I will no longer have to think of creative ways to keep the older 2 kids entertained. No more will I have a disaster house. My house will once again resemble well, a clean home again. I will not have to spend all day every day cleaning up after the havoc they have reeped all over my home. I can once again clean once a day and spend the rest of it playing online and with the baby. I can go grocery shopping and to Dr appointments during the DAY and not have to find sitters or bring all 3 kids with me, just to spend the whole trip screaming NO, STOP THAT, QUIT KICKING MY DAMN SEAT I AM TRYING TO DRIVE, DON'T TOUCH YOUR SISTER!!!

I will miss them. Oh Hell, who am I kidding. I am so excited for this!!! Come on August 14, your not getting here fast enough!!!

Now about my least favorite part.....

Yep spending loads of money that I don't have on back to school supplies and clothes. Oye!  So tomorrow, I am ( hopefully for the last time for a long time), venturing out with the older Small's to do some much needed shopping. And get this, we are going to the MALL!!!!! Please pray for me.
But honestly, I would spend a million dollars on supplies if it ment that I would once again have a peaceful home.

I know the kids aren't really digging this whole back to school thing, but WHO EFFIN CARES!!!! My happiness counts tooo!!!
Well kinda, I mean I will have a rowdy 2 year old to tend too........

Good Luck Momma's and may the power of the Back to School Juju be with you! Own the Force !!!!

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  1. First off love your blog, second I'm doing a happy dance cuz like you I'm ready for them to go back. Love them but very ready!

    Delightfully Chaotic