Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My day in pictures

                                                Got to bed late last night umm this morning

                                            Over slept by 30 minutes. WTF clock do your job!!!

                                              Good morning Bree

                                        Mornin Mack. Now get out of my house and get to school.

                                      Play a little candy crush till the small one is up.....

                                           Small one is up and ready for the day.

                                          Going to play outside!!

                                          Mountain of laundry to fold and put away

                                          The Kitties are all accounted for

                                            Feed Bailey

                                          work on my crazy afghan

                                              Tori gets her education on. ( she had home-based preschool)

                                                        Holy freaking headache Batman!!!

                                                  Makin some Dr apts

                                           WTF Dr. L , you had me on hold for 6 and a half minutes!!!

                                              Clean, clean clean

                                                  Watch some ANT Farm


                                                     Damn Bunny escaped

                                          Tend to evil Hamster from Hell ( also know as sugar)

                                                   AHHA!! Found the Bunny

                                                   Wash, wash, wash

Hmmmm, what to make for dinner?

                                              Meh, nothing looks good.

Somewhere between here and the next pic, the older 2 came home and we did homework and baths, but I didn't get any pics.

                                           Pizza is is

                                                      mmmmmmm pizza

Now I am ready for bed, but first I need.................


While I do a little

                                     Internet Stalking!!!!!

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