Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mom Brain

There comes a time after leaving the work force to stay home with your children that you realize that parenthood has ruined your brain.


Before kids when you go out to a store you make yourself pretty.... Yeah that shit don't happen round here no more. Getting 3 kids somewhat presentable for public viewing and the struggle to get them all in the car and make it to the store all in one piece, Ain't nobody got time for that make-up and hair brushing shit. I'm lucky to remember pants and a bra. Hell who am I kidding? I rarely wear a bra any more, and just go to Wally World in my Pj's.

There once was a time when I could go out and have ACTUAL conversations.... with random people and NOT look like a psych ward escapee.

Now the whole moving my mouth and coherent words coming out of it thing... it just doesn't happen.

Outside of my kids.... I have nothing interesting to say.

However, if I could just stick with the inner webs I'm good to go. I can sure as fuck  type some somewhat sane things, but in the end they come out nonsensical as well.

On the rare occasions I go out.... gasp without my children, you may mistake me as a schizophrenia patient that is off her meds.

So if you see a poor bedraggled woman in the toilet paper isle in Wal-Mart, having a full blown conversation with herself about Charmin verses Quilted Northern toilet paper, that would be me. Just give me a pat on the back and tell me to get the Charmin..... and to go home and take my meds......

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