Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer ..... Yeah it sucks

Yeah the Little's love this time of year. No school, they can swim all the time, play outside all day, and catch lightening bugs at night.

For me.... yeah, not so much.

It's a sad reminder of the upcoming anniversary of the accident that took my Mom and Donnie. It's had to think of having a good time, when all I can think is that 5 years ago today they were still here.

I'm thinking I have to start back to school shopping for the older 2 Little's.

I have to work in my garden in unbelievable heat.

No matter what I can't seem to cool the house.

Fuck I still have to clean the house.

Gearing up for the Fall pageant season.... yeah they sucks too....

Then I have a rampaging 3 year old that is Hell bent on destroying what little sanity I have retained.

Everything the kids want to do takes money we don't have.

Plus the kids don't really get much of a Summer with me this year. Their SD is trying to make up time he missed during softball season. And school starts back the 13th of August.

Which lets face it... that's gay!!!

So our already paid for vacation is the 2nd week of a new school year and they will be starting the year off bad by missing a week of school.

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