Monday, March 4, 2013

MHO Monday Mingle

This weeks theme is DRAMA

Ohh, that is my favorite topic!

Here are the questions ( and my answers )

1. What does the word Drama mean to you?

Yeah, this is why I moved out of an apartment and into the the country. Drama is where crazy people love stirring up problems and getting into shit that doesn't concern them. They get off on other people's unhappiness.

2. Do you like Drama in your life?

Hell no! I have enough going on without people causing bigger messes in my life for me to clean up.

3. What is the biggest Drama ordeal you have been in?

Ohh this is a toughy. It had to be when a certain "Drama Monger" decided to trash talk my kids. All because I wouldn't waste my gas to run her to a town an hour away just to pick up 5 dollars? I mean Really Bitch? I will waste more than 5 in gas getting there! Long story short..... I got arrested for "threatening over the air ways". Honestly is wasn't a direct threat. I said I would cut a Bitch over my kids. It's not like I said I was gonna cut her from ear to ear, watch her bleed out , then play in her blood... ( I have said that to someone in the past tho ), I can get quite descriptive in my threats.

4. Do you know someone who loves Drama? Who is it?

The whole effing town of Christiansburg Virginia. I swear most of those people don't know how to go out and do something without getting all involved in someone elses life.

5. How do you avoid Drama in your life?

I moved to BFE! Seriously tho, Drama is like a plague of the Earth. That shit will follow you everywhere.

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