Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's hard to exact the perfect revenge...er punishment on your children after they have been total Asshat's! Which is why I love that my older two littles are at the loose tooth age. I love the cat and mouse game. "No Mommy don't pull it", to which you reply " I'm not going to pull it, I just want to wiggle it", then when they least expect it, you yank that bitch out! I love this! I love the horrified look on their little faces and how they dash to the nearest mirror to see what you have done to them. They yell at you for lying to them, and then get all excited about the tooth fairy coming to see them.

As it is, I have a box full of baby teeth that I have yanked out. I am thinking about having a necklace made out of them. Hubby says that is morbid. But to that I say.... Oh well. I think it would put the fear into their little beating hearts to see Mommy wearing a necklace made of teeth.

I have decided that Karma is a true Bitch! I pulled a total of 3 teeth out Saturday. Which is a record for me. I may have enjoyed the teeth pulling excitement too much. Late Sunday night I slammed my two little toes on the wall and broke them.

So for now on. Hubby can do all the teeth pulling!

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