Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blogger Idol

Yeah, that's right. Your's truly is auditioning for Blogger Idol  !!! And quite honestly, I am scared to death. I'm hoping to get some ideas to better my blog and expand my audience from this experience.

So, Y'all really need to support me in this!

My blog will be judged by 16 well respected fellow bloggers. And these prizes are AWESOME!!!

Grand prize is a Samsung Galaxy tab!!! Squeeeeee!!!!!!!  I want it so bad!!!

You can check out all the great prizes here >>>>>>> PRIZES 

You can follow all the blogging excitement on their twitter page here >>>>> Blogger Idol Twitter   or on their Facebook page here >>>>>  Blogger Idol   
Or follow their blog here >>>>>>> Blogger Idol

Just make sure that on the pages that you like that Ya let them know that I'm the one that sent you. ( Yeah I'm a big kiss ass like that)

Well on that note, I am going to go and try to figure out the PERFECT audition piece. Wish me luck :)

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