Thursday, September 6, 2012


     It's that time of year again. The time kids love and we parents loathe. In a blink of the eye it will be Christmas morning.

     All of our hard earned money (or in my case, the Hubby's hard earned money) will fly out of our wallets at record speed.
     We are gearing up for the take off of the Holiday season. Starting with Halloween just next month. And the kids are testing my costume making/ shopping abilities. Where do they get these crazy ideas from? Oh yeah that's right. Stupid teny bopper T.V shows. Then on to Thanksgiving. Where we are forced to spend time with people that really know how to push out buttons, and work on my cooking skills, or lack there of. All the while I am steadily working on purchasing the perfect Christmas presents for not just our children, but extended family as well.

     The kids big gifts this year are really going to push my deal finding strategy. On the list is already a new 4-wheeler for the oldest. Which also means that She will need safety equipment.  The middle child wants a Go-Kart. More safety equipment. And the youngest will be getting a snazzy new Power Wheels. Not to mention all the clothes I will be getting them, and non-Santa related toys.

     I can no longer wait for the days when a simple gift card to their favorite store will suffice as the perfect gift. HOW MUCH LONGER CAN I TAKE THIS!!

    Hubby thinks we should just save money until Black Friday. He is absolutely bat shit crazy. After last year, I have swore off any further Black Friday shopping. My fragile nerves can not handle to crowd or the fighting over the last popular toy. If I go again he will surly be bonding me out of jail.

     Can I just go to bed and not wake up till New Year's???

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