Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I love my friends. I think of them as family that I got to actually choose. And when a friend's "family"  is an unsupportive twat, I feel that I need to defend said friend.

Back story here. I have a sweet friend that I will call B. B is pregnant and just received some horrifying news. B's baby has no brain. B had the choice to terminate this baby, or see this pregnancy through to the end. B has chosen the latter of the two options. B wants to be able to tell her baby goodbye. And this is a choice that I support 110%. In fact I think a lot of people ( myself included) would do the same.

But B's Bitch ass "Sister" ( and I use that term loosely , because sisters are supposed to support each other no matter what ) choose to bash B on Facebook where the world could see it. Not private message her, but post this awful rant on B's wall.

This was wrong on so many levels. First off, she may not agree with B's decision, but a true Sister would support her no matter what. Then to say all this awful shit where anyone and their brother could see it, was just plain disrespectful and trashy.  On top of all that, B has enough on her mind without some ignorant Cunt ( I hate that word, but honestly, no better word can describe this woman'd behavior) making her feel worse than she already was feeling.

Could you imagine? You find out that your baby is going to be born with a horrific disability, and then someone calls you selfish and all kinds of other terrible things?

People amaze me!

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