Monday, June 16, 2014

Just gonna put this out there

     I will be the first person to admit that sometimes I have major parenting fails. Like perhaps watching my language around the Little's. This has come back to bite me in the ass just this week. Little Little had Pre-K graduation. She was so stinking cute up on that little outdoor stage getting her certificate. That is until she dropped it and yelled out "What the Hell". Yep my precious, angel faced 4 year old cursed on school property in front of the school principal, other parents, and her classmates. I'm tellin ya, I just wanted to crawl under that bench and die.

I'm just going to say this... Sometimes, okay in my case most of the time kids ARE assholes!

    Take my older 2. Think 1 is 10 going on 25. She has such a smart assed and sassy attitude. I swear I would get more of a reaction talking to a damn wall. Then we have Thing 2, who God forbid you ask her to do ANYTHING,, and I mean anything. And she throws a massive fit like you are trying to remove a major body organ without anesthesia. Seriously. Hey, Thing 2, can you please pick up four flip flop so psycho dog doesn't eat it...... massive screaming crying fit, so I do it and she is fine.

     See kids are assholes, and that's being nice about it, honestly if you have daughters, the term BITCH flies through your brain many times a day.

     I don't know where they get this from. I have noticed Thing 1 and 2 are much much worse behaving when they return from their sperm donors on the weekend he decides to , ya know actually be a semi Dad.

And people wonder why I drink..... MORE wine please STAT!!!

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