Tuesday, January 14, 2014

When fears become reality

As a parent of a MI child I know the fears of many other parents like me. We are a club that no one wants to be a part of yet we were somehow invited to join regardless of our wants. Our initiation? Melt downs, threats of suicide or harm to others, sudden burst of violence, our babies seeing and hearing things that we their parents can not see and hear.

We avoid the news like the plague. Instead invest ourselves into our normal, our sanctuary. Imaginary or not, but it keeps us sane. Until a bit a news sneaks past all of our defenses. This time? One name Kelly Thomas.

Although the incident took place in 2011, today's verdict took me back to the fear I felt when it first happened. It could be my daughter in 10 years, or any of my friends children. It's a fear that could easily become a reality as it did for Kelly's father Ron.

The NOT GUILTY verdict not only rattles me but also secures my fear. The fear that those that are supposed to serve and protect us are often the assailants. Instead of helping they are attacking with such force that it causes death.

Kelly was just sitting there.

The police were looking for a fight in my opinion.

They didn't stop beating on him, even after he had calmed down. They didn't have to taze a frightened schizophrenic young man 6 times, yet they did.

I watched the full attack (and I use the word attack because that is exactly what it is) video. It made me physically ill. I was heart broken and angry all at the same time.

How can they not be guilty?

Officer Ramos asked Kelly if he could see if fist, and when Kelly said yes, he said they were about to fuck him up. The police in that town were gunning for a fight. Early in the video you can see Ramos playing with his baton. Slapping it against his hip. I wasn't aware it was a toy to be played with. Perhaps it was to intimidate Kelly. In fact I'm sure it was to.

Things need to change!

We can not sit by and watch out MI children be treated this way.

There needs to be better training in place for the police.

There needs to be punishment for when these things happen!

They murdered a Mentally Ill person and got away with it. How does that make you feel?

Kelly after attack

 Full attack video


                                             Witness accounts after attack

No you tell me where that Not Guilty verdict made sense? Does this look like justice to you?

I don't want to live in a world where a person can get beat to death just because they seem different.

It is time for a change my friends, time for a change!

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