Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Back to school woes

Aside from Christmas the back to school season is my most hated time of the year.  This is one on the times of year where I think "Why oh why do I have more than 1 child"....  Then I remember... Duh, I'm a nympho, and kids come from sex. Honestly I'm surprised I don't have 25 kids. I could really have given the Duggers a run for the money is I was more fertile.

School starts back next Tuesday. And the only thing I have accomplished is spending 200 on school supplies. Yes my Dear friends, you read that right. I spent 200 mother effin dollars on their school supplies. The school list has gotten so specific. They don't want the generic crap that I wanted to buy. Noooooo they want name brand shit like Expo, and Crayola, and clorox, and Kleenex brand shit. No dollar Treeing shit this year.

I still have to clothe 2 little people for this year. For some odd reason they can't fit into the shit I just got them for Christmas last year. It must be because they want to be fed everyday or some shit. And shoes, yeah they need shoes too.

And to top all that off... they are at that wonderful age where they know that there are stores other than Walmart! They want shit from Justice, and American eagle, and shit like that. Do they think I'm made of money???

Oh yeah good times, cause as soon as this is over, I have to start getting their Christmas stuff. I'm tellin ya this is a vicious cycle....

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